SIRWEC Constitution

The following constitution of the Standing International Road Weather Commission was approved in Minneapolis in 1992 and modified in Birmingham in 1996. 

a) The Commission shall be known as ‘The Standing International Road Weather Commission’ (SIRWEC) and all organizations and individuals with an interest in road weather are eligible for membership.

b) The Commission shall have as remit the under-mentioned functions and such other functions as the Commission shall from time to time agree:

  • The Commission shall operate as a forum for the exchange of information relevant to the field of highway meteorology. This shall include management, maintenance, road safety, meteorology, environmental protection and any other area of interest considered relevant by the Commission.
  • From the information collected it shall seek to identify those areas where increased and/or new research and development may yield improvements in practices, techniques, systems and methodology, to the general benefits of the art.
  • It shall encourage the undertaking of trials, studies and research into such identified areas.
  • A newsletter shall be set up on the internet as the official organ of communication, between participating members, to external national and international organizations and to technical publications.
  • Contact shall be initiated and maintained between the Commission and bodies such as COST, OECD, PIARC, WMO and other bodies so as to ensure that the work of the Commission is recognized.
  • The Commission shall ensure, in so far as is possible, attendance at all seminars, conferences and symposia which may prove beneficial to the Commission’s purposes.
  • An international conference shall be held every two years which shall be the Annual General Meeting of the Commission. At this conference an executive committee shall be elected to carry out the tasks defined by the Commission.
  • The Commission shall from time to time consider for publication memoranda and other material relevant to its area of interest.
  • The Commission may charge a small membership fee so as to maintain its independence.
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