2018 Conference in Smolenice was a huge success

Dear colleagues,

Our 19th International Road Weather Conference in Slovakia has been great success. It was organized first time independently of World Road Association Winter Road Congress. We were bit afraid at the beginning if that was good decision, but It turned out that the SIRWEC conference itself was very attractive for the community involved in the area of road weather research and business.

More than 100 experts from 22 countries participated with 29 presentations and 10 posters. I am proud to announce that all presentations are now available online on SIRWEC web page www.sirwec.org in section Proceedings. I would like to thank all 10 sponsors. Their willingness to support our common event significantly improved its expertise and social level.

At this occasion, many of you could notice the changes at SIRWEC web page. The page has new modern design and look thanks to Rick Nelson. Thanks a lot for his great job.

The addition of a place for blog posts, like this one, should be an excellent forum for news of SIRWEC, other conferences and meetings, and
short entries from researchers in the world of road weather. I encourage you to send your news to our webmaster, Rick Nelson at ricknelson.engr@gmail.com for posting.

Jozef Vivoda
SIRWEC President